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Introducing our new line of Clearspan Platinum Tents

These tents give you the best in choice and the highest standard in quality with Clearspan interiors, Keder slide track roof system and roller track side walls. Upgrade to a Platinum Tent and you will open up a variety of options to customize and stylize your space with a choice of the following:

Solid White Gable Ends ● Sun Burst Gable Ends ● Solid White and / or Clear Roof Panels (15’ Wide Sections) Full Tent Ceiling Liners ● Full Flooring Options with 12 Carpet Colours ● Custom Leg Drapes A variety of lighting options; including a choice of Chandeliers.

Please call 905-333-3034 for a quote on upgrading to a Platinum Tent.

Platinum 1 Platinum 2 Platinum 3

Tent Sizing 

The hardest part is figuring out which size you need... Some things to consider are;

How much space you have available
(please keep in mind an additional 2’ around the tent is required to have room to anchor the structure).

How many guests do you expect?

Are you using round or rectangular tables? (Rounds generally take more space).

What else do you need room for in your tent? Some examples are a Head table, Dance Floor, DJ, Buffet, Bar, Lounge Area.

Once you know everything you want to place under your tent we will help you figure out the perfect size for your event, and we can create layout drawings for you to see how everything will fit using our Partycad program. No matter what your event is we can help you space it out perfectly!

Our size and seating chart gives you the maximum capacity for the different ways you may be using your tent. These numbers allow only for tables and chairs and nothing else, so if you require other items in your tent you would need to choose a size larger than your guest total.
Larger sizes are available. Please call our event co-ordinators for any additional help on sizing or to book a complimentary* site inspection to help with any planned placement of tent. *(in local areas)


City Permits

Should your event location require a permit you can choose to apply for and obtain your own permits from the city in which the tent will be erected, or choose to have PPR apply for and obtain the permits for you. If PPR acts on your behalf any costs involved with permits will be added to the rental contract to be paid for by the renter.

Does my tent require a permit?

  • Any tent over 645 sq ft. requires a permit and zoning. (Larger than 20’x30’)
  • Any tent over 2420 sq ft. requires an engineer’s site inspection and drawing. (Larger than 40’x60)
  • We do recommend that you seek our advice before inquiring with your city about obtaining any permits. A minimum of two weeks lead time is required for all permits.
  • Upon reservation and once the deposit is received from the renter, PPR will require the following to be provided:
    1. A blueprint of the entire property showing the building and all driveways. (If a blue print is not available, a Google maps image of the property can be used.)
    2. The full names & contact information of the registered owner of the building/property. 

PPR will submit all drawings and applications on your behalf and the cost will be added to the invoice once known.
(Costs vary depending on size of tent and the city in which it is being erected in)
Should the renter choose to not apply for a permit or not have time to process the application, PPR cannot be held responsible if required to take down the tent before the completion of the event. 
A Service Locate by Ontario 1 Call could be required. PPR can also arrange this. The purpose of this is to locate any underground utilities such as gas and/or hydro before PPR can stake any tents into the ground. Please note Ontario 1 Call does not locate any utilities added by private 3rd party, only local utility companies.
Please inform PPR of any other underground obstructions that may prevent PPR from using stakes, such as Septic Tanks, Weeping Tile, Electrical Lines, Telephone or TV Cables and Sprinkler Systems. PPR is not responsible for any damage to such items if they are not clearly marked or known about. If staking is not possible, weights in the form of concrete blocks or water barrels would be required at an additional cost to the renter.  
To make a reservation for a tent please call one of our event coordinators who will be able to help you with any questions you may have. Please note that all tents are subject to availability until a deposit is received and a signed tent rental agreement is on file. Summer months are extremely busy for tent rentals and early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment, and also to allow time to complete any required permits etc.